City Ordinance

Jacksonville Animal Control enforces the Jacksonville City Ordinance and the Arkansas rabies control act within the City limits of Jacksonville. Some of our ordinances are:

  • Number of Animals: It is unlawful for any person to own, keep, or harbor more than 4 cats and/or dogs over the age of four months within the corporate limits of the City of Jacksonville.
  • Rabies Vaccination: All cats and dogs over the age of 4 months of age within the City shall be vaccinated against rabies on an annual basis by a licensed veterinarian.
  • Cat and Dog License: All cats and dogs over four months of age shall be licensed within the City of Jacksonville. City licenses are available at the Jacksonville Animal Shelter. The cost of a license for a non-sterilized cat or dog is $30 per year. If the animal is sterilized it will be $5 per year. If the cat or dog is sterilized and has a microchip implanted, the license will be no charge and will count for a lifetime. Proof of rabies vaccination has to be shown before a license can be issued.
  • Leash Law or At-Large: Any animal is at large when not confined in a secure enclosure, restrained on the premises of the owner by a leash or a chain sufficient in strength to prevent the animal from escaping the premises. When walking a dog, the dog has to be kept on a leash. Any feline not tagged with proper identification or not sterilized shall be considered at large.
  • Nuisance: An animal shall be considered a nuisance if it enters, damages, soils, defiles, or defecates on private property other than the owners or public walks or recreation areas; causes unsanitary, dangerous, or offensive conditions; causes a disturbance by barking or other noise making for excessive and/or repeated periods of time (during either the day and/or night) so as to cause a disturbance to those around the animal.
  • Shelter, Food, and Water: Any animal left outside unattended needs to have proper shelter with adequate drainage, windproof with adequate ventilation, sufficiently large enough to keep the animal reasonably clean and dry. Dogs must have clean, fresh water in a container that will not tip over, and enough wholesome food to keep them healthy.

Illegal Breeds

Ordinance Number 1480(Number 11-2013) (PDF) amending and modifying 6.04 (Animal Control) of the the Jacksonville Municipal Code listing updated banned breeds.