Neighborhood Watch Programs

The City of Jacksonville teams with five active neighborhood watch programs:

  • Stonewall Property Owners Association
  • Collinwood Subdivision
  • Warren Street and Dupree Drive Neighborhood
  • Lehman and Sorrels Drive Neighborhood
  • Stevenson Street Area Neighborhood Watch

Join the Jacksonville Police Department in preventing crime and become a member of our Neighborhood Watch Program. When we band together, we can help each other and effectively reduce crime in our neighborhoods.

History of Neighborhood Watch

Nationally, Neighborhood Watch began in 1972 and has flourished steadily with over 900 community programs established throughout the country. The success of the program is due to the cooperative involvement of police and citizens. By donating a small amount of your time to observe and report suspicious activities in your neighborhood, you can be one of thousands of citizens who are contributing to the prevention of crime.


The objective of Neighborhood Watch is to organize communities where residents are trained to be alert to potential crimes in their neighborhoods. Citizens are trained to keep watchful eyes on neighbors' homes and be alert to any suspicious or unusual activity that is occurring close to home. Patrol of neighborhoods can be accomplished by citizens-band radio-equipped vehicles or foot patrol. With the quick identification of a potential problem in your area, we can provide a prompt response and the trained personnel to investigate any reported incident or suspicion.

In addition, police officers will aid you in developing security measures for your own home. Receiving a free home security inspection and taking property identification measures can help prevent a thief from choosing your home as a target.

Start a Watch

Contact Sgt. John Alberson at the Jacksonville Police Department for further information on how to start a neighborhood watch in your community. Some tools to get your Neighborhood Watch started include: