Special Response Team

The Jacksonville Police Special Response Team, or SRT, was formed in June of 2004 and consisted of 8 members. The SRT was originally formed as an entry team for serving narcotics and arrest warrants and has grown to 13 members and 2 negotiators capable of handling high risk incidents such as barricaded Gunmen, high-risk warrants, hostage situations, suicidal subjects, or any situation where specialized training or tools are necessary.

The Jacksonville SRT is a part-time team and its members work at the Police department in their normal duties such as patrol, criminal investigations, or support services. Team members are selected from within the police department after completing an interview, essential functions course in full gear, firearms qualification and ability to handle stressful situations.


SRT members train monthly on many skills and techniques necessary to resolve dangerous situations. Members of the SRT complete a basic SWAT course and seek training in other areas. The SRT trains regularly with the tools used and include:

  • Firearms
  • Ballistic Shields
  • Breaching tools: rams, hydraulic and ballistic
  • Distraction Devices
  • Gas Munitions
  • Remote Camera


The mission of the SRT in any situation is the preservation of life. Team members are selected for the purpose of providing the citizens of Jacksonville with skilled members who pride themselves on professionalism when carrying out assignments.

Special Response Team Members
Special Response Team Drilling