Employee Benefits


Municipal Health – The cost for single coverage is $36.00 per payday ($72.00 per month).  Family coverage is $75.00 per payday ($150.00 per month).  Pre-existing conditions go back 6 months from the first day of coverage unless you had insurance the day before this policy starts. Medical coverage will begin on the 1st of the month following 60 days of full-time employment. 

$500.00 per person per calendar year for medical, $50.00 for Dental and Vision. 

Prescription card is effective the first day of coverage. Prescription co-pay’s are $4, $10, $30, and $50. 

Life Insurance:
Non-uniform - $15,000 Life and a $15,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D). 
Uniform police and fire - $15,000 Life and $40,000 AD&D. 
Department director’s & elected officials will receive $100,000 AD&D at no cost. 

OTHER BENEFITS ( ) = 12 hours shift personnel 

Sick leave will begin to accrue after 6 months of continuous employment. Sick leave can only be used for the employee. You can have a maximum of 720 (1080) hours on the books. (12 hr uniform police officer accrual) 
Sick leave for uniform fire will accrue at the rate of 18.46 hours per payday after 6 months of employment. The maximum accrued amount will be 1680 hours. 

APERS – Arkansas Public Employee’s Retirement System. 

LOPFI – Local police and fire retirement. Uniform fire will have 8.5% pre-tax deducted from each payday and Uniform Police will have 2.5% deducted. The City % amount changes every year. 

Vacation leave is available after 1 year of full-time employment.

 First year    
40 hours                              
 Second year
80 hours
 Fifth year                 
120 hours
 Fifteenth year
160 hours

Police Officers
 8 hour shifts
 12 hour shifts
First year                  
120 hours
180 hours
Fifth year
144 hours
216 hours
Fifteenth year
160 hours
240 hours
One (1) duty day - 24 hour shift
First year                                              
6 duty days                                                                
Fifth year
9 duty days
Fifteenth year
12 duty days                            

Degree incentive will be paid per payday at the following rate: (UPON BUDGET APPROVAL)
Associate’s $ 11.54      Bachelor’s $ 23.08      Master’s $ 34.62 

Uniform Fire personnel may also receive incentive pay for EMT and Paramedic Certification. 

Tuition reimbursement after 1 year of full time employment, full-time employees are eligible for this benefit.  Up to 100% of your tuition cost and fees(excluding books) can be reimbursed.  Most college courses offered meet the requirements and can be online or on campus courses. (UPON BUDGET APPROVAL)

Other benefits offered are listed below: 
Police and Fire Union 
Section 457 with John Hancock/Edward Jones
Membership at the Jacksonville Community Center
 (free for employee, spouse & children under 26 years of age) 
Arkansas Federal Credit Union Membership