Employee Benefits


Municipal Health – The cost for single coverage is $36.00 per payday ($72.00 per month).  Family coverage is $75.00 per payday ($150.00 per month).  Medical coverage will begin on the 1st of the month following 60 days of full-time employment. 

$500.00 per person per calendar year for medical, $50.00 for Dental and Vision. 

Prescription card is effective the first day of coverage. 

Life Insurance:
Non-uniform - $15,000 Life and a $15,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D). 
Uniform police and fire - $15,000 Life and $40,000 AD&D. 


Sick leave will begin accruing after 6 months of continuous employment. Sick leave can only be used for the employee.
*Most employees may accrue a maximum of 720 sick leave hours.
*12-hr shift uniform police officers may accrue a maximum of 1080 hours.
*Firefighters may accrue a maximum of 1680 hours. 

APERS – Arkansas Public Employee’s Retirement System. 
*The amount that the City matches varies every year

LOPFI – Local police and fire retirement. Uniform fire will have 8.5% pre-tax deducted from each payday and Uniform Police will have 2.5% deducted.
*The amount that the City matches varies every year

Vacation leave is available after 1 year of full-time employment. The amounts are below.

 First year    
40 hours                              
 Second year
80 hours
 Fifth year                 
120 hours
 Fifteenth year
160 hours

Police Officers
 8 hour shifts
 12 hour shifts
First year                  
120 hours
180 hours
Fifth year
144 hours
216 hours
Fifteenth year
160 hours
240 hours
One (1) duty day - 24 hour shift
First year                                              
6 duty days                                                                
Fifth year
9 duty days
Fifteenth year
12 duty days                            

Other benefits offered: 
*Employee Assistance Program
*Section 457 with John Hancock/Edward Jones
*Membership at the Jacksonville Community Center- Free for employee, spouse & children under 26 years of age 
*Arkansas Federal Credit Union Membership