Main St. Revitalization

To improve the appearance city, we will:

  • Create a Gateway to Main Street with a special water Feature
  • Replace power poles with new modern design
  • Landscape down Main Street
  • Build sidewalks in needed areas
  • Improved sidewalks so that they are wheelchair and bike compatible
  • Increase Number of City Parks
  • Increase Green areas in the City
  • Improve the look of old buildings

The Gateway

Our Improvement Objectives:

  • More dining establishments
  • New Businesses for Jacksonville
  • Beautification of Jacksonville
  • Economic Growth
  • City-wide WI-Fi System
  • Collaboration between the Chamber and City
  • Improved Sidewalks
  • Bike Trails
  • Safe Walking in the Main Street Area
  • More City revenue to help with City Programs
  • Improved Housing

Citizens Can Benefit !!

  • Improved City Services
  • More Police Officers
  • Improved Fire Services
  • Quicker Response to Citizen Needs
  • City supported School Programs
  • More Jobs for Citizens
  • Direct involvement and support by Citizens.