Little Rock Air Force Base 

Military - Community Planning and Coordination

In addition to its historic and cultural significance in our region, the Little Rock Air Force Base is a key partner with the City of Jacksonville and its other host communities in land use planning and economic development initiatives across the region. 

Planning for compatible growth in the area around Little Rock Air Force Base is an ongoing process, with a number of both internal and community-driven planning studies and implementation actions occurring over the years. This is important, because the future of the base is tied in part directly to the community’s willingness and ability to encourage growth that is compatible with Air Force activities in the region. 

This website provides a central location for community and military planners, local jurisdictions, and the public to learn about collaborative planning processes, coordination efforts, and ongoing efforts to sustain important military missions at Little Rock AFB and to protect community health, safety, and welfare. 

The website is currently maintained by the City of Jacksonville on behalf of the RPC and its member communities.  

Pursuant to recommendations in recent compatible use studies, a regional planning committee, constituted under Arkansas statutes, may soon be created, which would oversee this site and military compatible use planning in the future in this region of Arkansas. 

Please monitor the Project Updates tab for news related to the development of the regional planning committee.

LITTLE ROCK AFB hosts 50th reunion of 61st Tactical Airlift Squadron

LITTLE ROCK AFB hosts 50th reunion of 61st Tactical Airlift Squadron

19th AW showcases readiness capabilities during ROCKI 22-01

19th AW showcases readiness capabilities during
ROCKI 22-01

Summary of Military Planning History

Since 1992 there have been three Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) studies prepared by the Air Force, with subsequent studies prepared in 2003 and2011. These internal focused studies were prepared to provide the base with information on the compatibility of its operations with land use patterns in the surrounding communities. While internally-driven, the AICUZ studies did provide recommendations for changes in land use and development policy to the base’s host communities. 

One of the outcomes of the earlier AICUZ studies was the enactment of a state statute in 1995 that mandated certain compatible use regulations be implemented by municipalities around Little Rock Air Force Base. The statute, known as A.C.A. § 14-56-426,subsequently led the cities of Jacksonville and Sherwood to adopt land use regulations intended to improve compatibility with operations at the base. This act was further amended in 2005 and 2017 to improve the effectiveness of the legislation.

In 2019, led by the City of Jacksonville, Little Rock Air Force Base’s host communities initiated the first community-driven compatible use planning process for the region. The Compatible Use Study process was funded by a grant from the Department of Defense’s Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC), and included community representation on the advisory committee from four counties (Pulaski, Lonoke White, and Faulkner) and seven municipalities (Jacksonville, Sherwood, Cabot, North Little Rock, Ward, Austin, and Lake Maumelle) that host the installation’s primary training and operational areas. This study, which was completed in 2021, made a number of recommendations for the communities to consider to protect the compatibility of local growth policies with ongoing training and operations occurring at our local installations. 

In 2022, the participating communities once again initiated a regional process to begin implementing the highest priority recommendations of the 2021 Compatible Use Study. With funding again secured through OLDCC, the communities collaborated to develop new compatible use regulations for implementation at the local level, along with several additional small area planning studies, the development of public outreach tools, and other measures to enhance community awareness and improve compatibility outcomes.

Community partners in the Compatible Use Study implementation effort once again included the counties of Pulaski, Lonoke, White, and Faulkner; and the municipalities of Jacksonville, Sherwood, Cabot, North Little Rock, Ward, Austin, and Lake Maumelle. This study was completed in 2023 and documents related to the study can be found under the Library of Materials tab.

Little Rock AFB CUS Implementation Committee Workshop

Little Rock AFB CUS Implementation Committee Workshop

Little Rock AFB CUS Workshop

Little Rock AFB CUS Workshop

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