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Command Staff of the Year

Lieutenant Joseph McCollough 2012

Captain N. Richard Ward 2011

Lieutenant Martin Cass 2010

Captain Kenny M. Boyd 2009

Chief Gary L. Sipes 2008

Lieutenant Kelley Smiley 2007

Lieutenant Martin Cass 2006

Lieutenant Kenny M. Boyd 2005

Lieutenant Joseph McCollough 2004

Lieutenant Kenny M. Boyd 2003

Supervisor of the Year

Sergeant Robert  Slash 2012

Sergeant Robert Washington 2011

Sergeant C. Jim Burnett 2010

Sergeant Robert Washington 2009

Lieutenant Kenny M. Boyd 2008

Lieutenant N. Richard Ward 2007

Sergeant Charles Wells 2006

Sergeant Brett C. Hibbs 2005

Sergeant Thomas Mayberry 2004

Sergeant L. Dean Scroggins 2003

Officer of the Year

Officer Daniel DiMatteo 2012

Officer Cynthia Harbour 2012

Officer Jerry R. Keefer 2011

Officer Grant M. Roberts 2010

Officer James Brady 2009

Officer Christopher L. Schultz 2008

Detective of the Year

Detective Peggy Stallings 2012

Detective Jeremiah D. Terrell 2011

Detective Mark L. Humphries 2010

Detective Cassie Blackerby 2009

Detective Ryan Temple 2009

Detective Jerry Keefer 2008

Officer/Detective of the Year

Detective Melissa Burroughs 2007

Detective Jamal Hockaday 2006

K-9 Officer Regina Boyd 2005

Detective Amanda Chapman 2004

Corporal Lester Hockaday 2003

Rookie of the Year

Officer Kenneth R. Harness 2012

Officer John F. Coleman  2012

Officer C. Justin Hicks 2011

Officer Cleyton M. McDonald 2010

Officer Cynthia Harbour 2006

Civilian of the Year

Mr. Steve Huddleston 2012

Cadet Joseph P. Edwards 2011

Support Services Office Assistant Mrs. Gail Morris 2010

Support Services Office Assistant Mrs. Erin Higgs 2009

Jailer Diana L. Christy 2008

Trustee Coordinator Mr. Fred Mistler 2007

Jailer Wendy Beck 2006

Chief of Police Secretary Mrs. Gladys E. Taylor 2005

Patrol Secretary Mrs. April Kiser 2004

CID Secretary Mrs. Sharon Bridges 2003

Auxiliary Officer of the Year

Officer Jeff Elmore 2012

Officer Jeff Elmore 2011

Officer Jeff Elmore 2010

Lieutenant Robert Fielding 2009

Sergeant Robert Fielding 2008

Officer Dewayne Yarbrough 2006

Officer Kenneth Hollis 2005

Officer Don Kahn 2004

Officer Robert Fielding 2003

Life Saving

2012 Award

Officer Daniel DiMatteo


2010 Awardees

Officer Jason C. Guillory

Officer Jennifer R. Thrasher


2008 Awardees

Lieutenant Martin C. Cass

Sergeant Bret C. Hibbs

Sergeant Kimberly D. Lett

K9 Officer Regina C. Boyd

K9 Officer Christopher D. Galluppo

Officer John C. Alberson

Officer John C. Forte

Detective Travis D. Perrow

Officer Christopher L. Schultz

Officer Joseph D. Lucky

Officer Melissa L. Williams

Officer Robert L. Mills


Officer John Alberson 2007

Detective Melissa Burroughs 2006

2005 Awardees

Officer William A. Monroe

Officer John C. Forte


2004 Awardees

Sergeant Jason Garcia

Officer John Staley


Officer Christopher Erickson 2003


Purple Heart

Officer Daniel DiMatteo 2012

Officer John C. Alberson 2008

Officer James Geater 2003

Medal of Valor

Officer Daniel DiMatteo 2012

Officer Melissa L. Williams 2008


Officer Jennifer R. Corben 2012

Officer Genger Phillips 2011

Sergeant Robert L. Washington 2010

Detective Melissa Burroughs 2009

Public/Media Relations Specialist/ Patrol Secretary Mrs. April L. Kiser 2008

2005 Awardees

Officer Amanda R. Chapman

Officer Williams Monroe


Officer Peggy Minchew 2006

Patrol Secretary Mrs. April L. Kiser 2005

Sergeant L. Dean Scroggins 2004

Captain Jim J. Martin 2003

Meritorious Service Award

2008 Awardees

Sergeant John W. Staley

Detective Melissa S. Burroughs

Communications Specialist Tabby D. Hughes


Outstanding Achievement Award

Detective C. James Burnett 2007


Special Recognition Award

2010 Awardees

Lieutenant Bret C. Hibbs

Officer Don E. Bredenberg


Special Service Award

Lieutenant C. Jim Burnett 2012

Sergeant Richard Betterton 2012

Mr. Denny Dutcher, w/ CPAAA 2012

Communications Specialist Mrs. Donna Weatherford 2009

Appreciation Award

2011 Awardees

Mrs. Donna Harts, w/ CPAAA

Mrs. Carol McMaster, w/ CPAAA

Mr. Denny Dutcher, w/ CPAAA


2010 Awardees

Mayor Gary Fletcher

Director of Administration Jim Durham

Citizen Police Academy Alumni


2008 Awardees

Dr. Cheryl May

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office


Citizen of the Year Award

Mr. Ronnie D. Brown 2012


Mrs. Bridgette Brown 2011


Mrs. Donna Harts 2010

Mrs. Carol McMaster 2010


Mr. Eddie Scott 2009

Dr. Teresa Durham 2007

Ms. Winnie Blakey 2006

Miss. Megan N. Cease 2005

Mr. James Pentecost 2003


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