Animal Services

Helping Lost Animals

The Jacksonville Animal Shelter promotes and protects the health, safety, and welfare of the people and animals in the City of Jacksonville. Our goal is to return lost animals to their owners and find responsible and caring homes for all our animals that are available for adoption.

Keeping Strays

Every stray animal that comes into the shelter has to be held for 5 days. During those 5 days the owner has a chance to reclaim their animal. If the animal is not reclaimed after the 5 days, it will go up for adoption at the Jacksonville Animal Shelter.

Please note: The Jacksonville Animal Shelter only takes in strays or owner releases within the city limits. If an owner of an unwanted animal is unable to find a suitable home, or dispose of the animal through legal channels, ownership of an animal may be relinquished to the Animal Shelter for a fee of $20 after meeting the following requirements:

  • Try to find a home for the animal through family and neighbors.
  • List the animal in a local newspaper and provide a copy of the ad to Animal Control.
  • Show a utility bill that states proof of residence in the city limits of Jacksonville.

Adopting an Animal

Our adoption procedure is as follows:

  1. The adoption fee is $55 for dogs and cats, and this fee includes spay or neuter if necessary.
  2. You will have to contact a local veterinarian to schedule an appointment for sterilization and rabies vaccination (an additional cost for the new owner).
  3. We will transport the animal to the vet, and the new owner will pick up their new family member after surgery is done.

Patrol & Control

Our Animal Control Officers respond to all animal-related calls and patrol the streets in the City of Jacksonville. All officers are certified with the Arkansas State Animal Control Association. We enforce the city ordinance and Arkansas State Law. Any bite case that breaks the skin has to be reported to the Jacksonville Animal Shelter under the Arkansas Rabies Control Act.

Animal Control responds to emergency calls after hours such as: bite cases, injured animal, vicious animal running at large and dead animals that are a danger to traffic.

Animal Traps

Animal Control will set traps for the public when there is a problem with cats, dogs or wildlife in their neighborhood. Animal Control will not set traps if the weather is too extreme (cold, rain or heat).