Jacksonville Police Department Policy Manual


Policy 1-2 Written Policy System (PDF)

Policy 1-3 Command Protocol & Supervisor Accountability (PDF)

Policy 1-4 Law Enforcement Agency Role (PDF)

Policy 1-5 Limits of Authority (PDF)


Policy 2-1 Organizational Structure (PDF)

Policy 2-2 Organizational Chart (PDF)


Policy 3-1 Prohibition of Biased Law Enforcement Practices (PDF)

Policy 3-2 Public Information: News Media Relations (PDF)

Policy 3-3 Crime Prevention & Community Relations (PDF)

Policy 3-4 Prescription Medication Drop Box (PDF)

Policy 3-5 Take Me Home Program (PDF)

Policy 3-6 Home Security: Vacation Check Program (PDF)

Policy 3-7 Limited English (PDF)


Policy 4-1 Secondary Employment (PDF)

Policy 4-2 Political Activity (PDF)

Policy 4-3 Technology Management (PDF)

Policy 4-4 Social Networking/ Social Media (PDF)

Policy 4-5 Business Cards Official / Personal (PDF)

Policy 4-6 Records Management System (PDF)

Policy 4-7 MOU for Law Enforcement Services (PDF)

Policy 4-8 Light or Modified Duty (PDF)

Policy 4-9 Medical Leave (PDF)

Policy 4-10 Off-Duty Police Activity & Personal Disputes (PDF)

Policy 4-11 Department & Personal Property & Equipment (PDF)


Policy 5-2 Fiscal Management & Department Property (PDF)

Policy 5-4 Court Procedures (PDF)

Policy 5-8 Employee Drug Testing (PDF)

Policy 5-9 Uniform / Grooming (PDF)

Policy 5-10 Promotional Process (PDF)

Policy 5-11 Performance Evaluation System (PDF)

Policy 5-13 Grievance Process (PDF)

Policy 5-14 Canine Unit (PDF)

Policy 5-15 Auxiliary Part-Time Police Force (PDF)

Policy 5-16 Transport,/ Specialized Officer (PDF)

Policy 5-17 Police Cadet Program (PDF)

Policy 5-18 Volunteers in Policing Service (PDF)

Policy 5-19 Police lnternship Program (PDF)

Policy 5-20 Accreditation (PDF)

Policy 5-21 Drug Recognition Expert (PDF)

Policy 5-22 Recording / Filming of law Enforcement Activity (PDF)

5-23 Peer to Peer Support Program (PDF)


Policy 6-1 Equal Employment Opportunity (PDF)

Policy 6-2 Recruitment (PDF)

Policy 6-3 Selection Process (PDF)

Policy 6-4 Pre-employment Physical Agility Test (PDF)

Policy 6-5 Special incentive for Police Applicants (PDF)

Policy 6-6 Psychological & Physical Examination (PDF)

Policy 6-7 Investigations: lnternal Affairs (PDF)

6-8 Policy 6-8 Duty to Disclose Exculpatory Material (PDF)


Policy 7-1 Ethics (PDF)

Policy 7-2 Workplace Harassment (PDF)

Policy 7-3 Protocols for Release of lnformation (PDF)

Policy 7-4 Alcohol, Prescription, & Non Prescription Medication (PDF)

Policy 7-5 Employee Fraternization (PDF)

Policy 7-6 Sexual Misconduct (PDF)

Policy 7-7 Reporting Conduct (PDF)

Policy 7-8 Code of Conduct (PDF)

Policy 7-9 Disciplinary Procedure (PDF)

Policy 7-10 Employee Disciplinary Review Board (PDF)

Policy 7-11 Duty to Intervene (PDF)


Policy 8-1 Firearms: Authorization (PDF)

Policy 8-2 Firearms: Training & Qualifications (PDF)

Policy 8-3 Training & Training Requirements (PDF)

Policy 8-4 Training Sites, Primary & Joint Training Sites (PDF)

Policy 8-5 Essential Functions & Physical Fitness (PDF)

Policy 8-6 Field Training Officer (PDF)

Policy 8-7 Training Rules of Conduct (PDF)

Policy 8-8 Firearm-Mounted Lights (PDF)

Policy 8-9 Patrol Rifles AR-15 (PDF)


Policy 9-1 Response to Resistance (PDF)

Policy 9-2 Chemical Agent, Oleoresin Capsicum Spray (PDF)

Policy 9-3 Electronic Control Device (PDF)

Policy 9-4 Pepperball launcher & Munitions (PDF)

Policy 9-5 Emergency Restraint Chair (PDF)

Policy 9-6 Reporting Response to Resistance (PDF)

Policy 9-7 Less-lethal Impact Munitions (PDF)

Policy 9-8 Bola Wrap- Remote Restraint Device (PDF)


Policy 10-1 Patrol Functions (PDF) 

Policy 10-2 Traffic Enforcement (PDF)

Policy 10-3 Traffic Control & Direction (PDF)

Policy 10-4 Motor Vehicle Collision Investigations (PDF)

Policy 10-5 Domestic Abuse Investigation (PDF)

Policy 10-6 Missing Persons Investigations (PDF)

Policy 10-7 Hate Crimes Investigations (PDF)

Policy 10-9 Stop, Search, & Arrest of Persons (PDF)

Policy 10-10 Search Parolees & Probationers (PDF)

Policy 10-11 Search, Motor Vehicles (PDF)

Policy 10-11 Search: Residences (PDF)

Policy 10-14 Response outside of Jurisdiction (PDF)

Policy 10-15 Police Victim / Witness Assistance (PDF)

Policy 10-16 Death / Serious lnjury Notification (PDF)

Policy 10-17 lnventory: Impounding Vehicles (PDF)

Policy 10-18 Towing Wrecker Service (PDF)

Policy 10-19 Transporting Arrested Persons (PDF)

Policy 10-20 Consular Notification Process (PDF)

Policy 10-21 Communicable Diseases (PDF)

Policy 10-22 Mentally Ill Persons-Crisis Intervention Team (PDF)

Policy 10-23 Excited Delirium (PDF)

Policy 10-24 Body Worn Digital Recording Equipment (PDF)

Policy 10-25 Nasal Naloxone Program (PDF)

Policy 10-26 Issuing Criminal Citations for Misdemeanor Marijuan4/ Paraphernalia possession (PDF)

Policy 10-27 Persons With Disabilities (PDF)


Policy 11-1 Criminal Investigations (PDF)

Policy 11-4 Sex Offender Registration & Community Notification (PDF)

Policy 11-5 Certification of U Visa- Non lmmigrant Status (PDF)

Policy 11-6 Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (PDF)

Policy 11-7 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDF)


Policy 12-1 Processing & Temporary Detention Facility (PDF)

Policy 12-2 Courtroom Security & Court Holding Facility (PDF)

Policy 12-3 Legal Process (PDF)

Policy 12-4 Trustee Community Service Program (PDF)

Policy 12-5 Preparing, Service, and Returning Warrants (PDF)


Policy 13-1 Special Response Team (SRT) (PDF)

Policy 13-8 Homeland Security (PDF)

Policy 13-10 Sobriety Checkpoint Operations (PDF)

Policy 3-11 Mutual Aid (PDF)

Policy 13-13 Crowd Control (PDF)

Policy 13-14 Unmanned Aircraft System (PDF)


Policy 14-1 Collection & Preservation of Evidence (PDF)

Policy 14-2 Property & Evidence Control (PDF)

Policy 14-3 DNA Collection, Juli’s Law (PDF)


Policy 15-1 Juvenile Procedures (PDF)

Policy 15-2 Juvenile Curfew Violations (PDF)


Policy 16-1 Emergency & Pursuit Driving (PDF)

Policy 16-2 Emergency & Pursuit Driving: Tire Deflation Device (PDF)

Policy 16-3 Mobile Video / Audio Recording Equipment (PDF)

Policy 16-4 Police Vehicle: Equipment & Maintenance (PDF)

Policy 16-5 Police Vehicle Occupants/ Ride-Along Program (PDF)

Policy 16-6 Police Segway (PDF)

Policy 16-7 Home Storage Vehicles (PDF)

Policy 16-8 Seatbelt Use (PDF)