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Food Truck Interest Application

  1. Food Trucks Official Interest Application
  2. Notice:

    Food Truck Vendors, please note that you must bring generators if you have electrical needs!

  3. Vendor requirements:

    If needed, Vendors must bring their own displays, tables, chairs, awnings, tents, etc. Our events are outdoors, and Vendors must leave their area and surroundings clean after all events are over.

  4. Agreement:

     I agree to park my vehicles in the area designated for vendors, thereby allowing easy access for potential customers. Though Jacksonville Parks and Recreation understands that circumstances often arise outside of anyone’s control, I understand that two or more last-minute cancellations on my part can result in me forfeiting my eligibility to set up as a vendor at any/all future events.  I agree to hold the management and sponsor (Jacksonville Parks and Recreation) free from all liability and damage because of injury to person or property by the vendor, his help, or employees. Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel events due to circumstances beyond our control, such as extreme weather, viruses, or any situation we deem unsafe for the community. Parks and Recreations Department will not be responsible for any direct or indirect costs that vendors might incur. Neither the management, sponsors, nor the City County shall be responsible or liable for fire, theft, or breakage, whether caused negligently, willfully, or otherwise. I agree to keep my activity open according to the agreement with the Parks and Recreation Department.  

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  6. Questions:

    If you have any questions contact the Event / Marketing Coordinator, Brylee or the Event / Marketing Manager, Megan @ (501) 982-4171 or email

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