Alan Laughy
Fire Chief

Chief Alan Laughy was appointed Chief of the Department in March of 2013.  Alan Laughy is a retired Assistant Fire Chief and Training Chief from the Little Rock Air Force Base Fire and Emergency Services. He started his career by enlisting in the United States Air Force in July 1989 to become a USAF Crash Fire Rescueman. He served almost 11 years in the Air Force and was assigned to bases in Wichita, Kansas; Shemya, Alaska; Plattsburgh, New York; and Little Rock AFB Fire Departments. He served in Desert Storm providing specialized fire and EMS rescue support for various flying missions with the F-4, F-16, and the B-52 bombing campaign of Iraq. He also served in deployments to United Arab Emirates; Fairford AFS, England; and Joint Base Soto Cano, Honduras. Chief Laughy separated from military service honorably in April 2000 and was hired as a Fire Lieutenant, Department of Defense Crash Fire Rescueman at Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio, Texas. He was promoted to Captain eight months later and transferred to Little Rock A.F.B. Fire and Emergency Services in December 2000. In 2010, Chief Laughy was promoted to Assistant Chief in charge of the Training Division full time, and part time Operations Chief.