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Arkansas State Fire Academy Awards

Outstanding Rookie Award

This is awarded to individual who shows the most productive performance and leadership skills of the graduating class. The students themselves vote, then the Academy instructors vote on who best exemplifies the most outstanding rookie.

  • Bob Thornton (July 1994)
  • Dewey Coy (October 1996)
  • Adam Jones (August 2011)
  • Jeff Singleton (November 2012)
  • Tyler Johnson (June 2015)

Academic Achievement Award
This is awarded to the individual who clearly showed hard work and dedication by obtaining the highest grade point average of the graduating class.

  • Joeseph Potts (November 2011)
  • Jeff Singelton (November 2012)
  • Justin Martin (May 2013)
  • Nathan Willett (June 2014)
  • Sean Peeples (October 2015)
  • Jeremy Moody (April 2016)